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If you’re a safety professional reading this, you’ve been there, I’m certain of it. Feeling and experiencing that absolute frustration from Safety Recruitment agencies.

Thankfully, there’s light at the end of the tunnel and I want to share my thoughts, on an outstanding agency, or I would prefer to say, ‘business’, that has not only set a new standard but is leading the charge in delivering exceptional safety recruitment and placement outcomes.

Let me share a brief story first.

Several years ago, I planned and even launched a Safety Recruitment business. Having worked within safety for 30-something years, I thought to myself, “How hard can it be?” My pitch was “Safety Recruitment by Safety Professionals.”

Safety is now considered a ‘profession’ and in aviation, medicine, engineering etc., and the list goes on, these professions are generally recruited, by that very profession, so why then, should safety be any different, right?

However, in my haste, I soon realised that there are many more components to recruitment than I first thought. So many in fact, I quickly saw the light and withdrew from the aspiration to be the ‘first’ Safety Recruitment business, run by safety professionals.

During my journey, however, I spoke to a number of safety-specific recruitment agencies. Seeking guidance, advice and insight as to what I was potentially getting into. One particularly stood out from the rest.

Not only were they showing real commitment to the safety profession, but they challenged ‘my’ take on how safety recruitment ‘should be’, and ultimately, completely changed my way of thinking.

I’ve been watching this business closely. Listening to the messages, reading the insights and admiring the genuine integrity and approach of this business. Okay, I know you just want to know who they are now.

Well, it’s Sundstrom Recruitment – https://www.sundstromrecruitment.com.au/

As they say, credit where credit is due and I have to take my hat off to John and the Sundstrom team. They focus on the issues that matter, they communicate the way a recruitment business should, with both candidates and clients alike, and they are consistently improving the way they do things.

And, as a result of their approach, as with any business, they’re expanding and growing on the strength of their successes.

So, if you are considering partnering with a safety recruitment business, that does what they say they’re going to do and like us, “get it right”, then Sundstrom has to be your go safety recruitment partner.

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