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Welcome to the transformative world of iCARE Culture, a way that finally changes how people see, feel and think about safety. It’s not just another safety initiative; it’s a powerful and ever-present reminder, that improves people’s lives at work.

Imagine your business, where safety isn’t just a set of rules or procedures, but a vibrant identity that connects to and speaks with everyone. That’s what iCARE Culture is all about. It’s an emotive identity or ‘brand’ for safety, driven by four key principles.

I’ve seen countless safety culture programs and initiatives over the years. Traditionally, these fall well short of being sustainable and flicker briefly like a candle. They ignite enthusiasm within the confines of a classroom, only to see that spark extinguished, as participants depart leaving inspiration and commitment, in the classroom.

Unlike these programs, iCARE Culture is consistently present in people’s lives. It doesn’t just inspire for a few moments; it’s with people every single day as a reminder as to how safety and well-being, are valued throughout the business, and for your people personally.
iCARE is, “I am Committed, Accountable, Responsible, and Empowered.” It’s not just an acronym; it’s an emotive message that’s supported by imagery, language, and a set of behaviours that resonate with everyone of all cultures, and create a lasting impact.

iCARE Culture is uniquely tailored to your business, making it feel like it’s been created by your business and belongs to your business. The iCARE Culture ‘brand’ or identity becomes a part of your whole business. It’s a badge of honour that says, we all care about safety.

While traditional safety often creates an underlying resistance to its very intent, by its complex and compliant-driven nature, ‘iCARE Culture’ feels different. It shows everyone your business cares, transforming safety into something that’s not misunderstood or resisted, but valued and embraced, at all levels of the business.

iCARE Culture is a profound shift in how safety should be. It connects your business to your people and, in turn, connects your people to safety. By making safety about our people and values again and embracing the CARE principles, iCARE Culture achieves remarkable outcomes.

In a world where safety is spiralling out of control with its over-engineered ways and uncompromising regulations, iCARE Culture is unique, but above all, connects people to safety again. Safety culture matters, and iCARE Culture proves it.

So make it your own. Email me at – clay@icaresafetygroup.com or schedule a call with me HERE

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