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We want to strengthen safety leadership for businesses, by equipping their managers and supervisors with the knowledge and skills, to have a positive and meaningful influence on safety at work.


Safety is one of the most important functions within any high-risk workplace. So it’s critical that managers and supervisors are equipped to lead safety effectively.

MasterSafe is a one-on-one program that delivers strategies tailored specifically to the participant and their current role. Participants will gain a far deeper understanding of what works in safety and leadership and how to apply this in their work environment.

MasterSafe gives business owners and leaders, the confidence, that their management and supervisory teams are influencing safety in a positive way. Also, protecting the business from potential harm if found to be non-compliant in the event of a serious accident.


MasterSafe focuses on 2 key areas.


Learn how to truly maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of your Safety Management Systems.
This element of our program is designed to empower participants with the knowledge and tools to take Safety Management Systems to the next level. By gaining a deep understanding of how systems should function, participants will be equipped with the strategies to optimise their navigation, communication, efficiency, and effectiveness.


Develop values alignment and relationship building strategies to affect far greater influence in the role.
Values and Relationships are the heart and soul of Safety Leadership. They shape and influence every aspect of how people work, how they think and how they behave. Understanding essential values and relationship strategies, are a pivotal part of creating a truly effective and sustainable Safety Culture and, continual improvement in performance.


MasterSafe is delivered online so participants can attend this anywhere, at any time, at home, at work, or even in their favourite cafe.

With a total duration of 10 hours, it should be undertaken over 5 days but we can extend this to 10 days if necessary to accommodate work schedules and time constraints.

MasterSafe has been finely tuned and developed over many years to ensure that participants receive the most effective and meaningful outcomes possible.

Every single moment of the program will deliver real value, but participants must be prepared to be really challenged in the ways, they may be used to doing things. MasterSafe is not for the stubborn!


MasterSafe is a powerful coaching program that equips managers and supervisors with practical safety skills and strategies.

MasterSafe demonstrates how real-world experience is infinitely more valuable than classroom or textbook education and in just a short time, participants will gain so much more, than weeks or even months of theoretical learning.

MasterSafe not only equips your leadership teams with critical safety management skills, but it can also shield your business from today’s severe regulatory penalties.

Email to learn more – enquiry@icaresafetygroup.com

"the most important project you will ever work on, is YOUR PEOPLE!"


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