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our FOUNDER...

“My passion for keeping people safe at work has driven me to closely examine and challenge the  traditional safety model. At the heart of iCARE Safety, is a profound desire to safeguard people and shield businesses from today’s stringent regulatory demands.”

My name is Clayton Kruger, and I am the Founder and Managing Director of iCARE Safety Group. With over 33 years of international experience within the safety space, I’ve gained a deep understanding of how safety, should be.

Throughout my career, I have come to understand and respect that safety is about common sense. Safety management strategies and systems must communicate and function, the way they are intended.

As the guiding member of iCARE, my team and I are deeply committed to “getting safety right”. We won’t sugar-coat the issues and we will always, tell you with absolute clarity, what needs to change.

We look forward to safeguarding your people, and your business.

our VALUES...

The iCARE team are deeply committed to our Values, because they reflect who we are, and what we believe in. Our Values are not just punchlines, because we take safeguarding people and businesses, seriously! 

INTEGRITY - We value and respect our partners, creating trusting relationships with them. We don't sugar-coat the issues and we are never afraid to have the tough conversations.

COMMITMENT - We are relentless in our pursuit of safeguarding people and businesses. We apply an approach that makes a difference in people's lives at work and enhances business performance.

INNOVATION - We think differently and regularly disrupt the typical safety model. We do this by consistently refining what works and we thrive on solving complex challenges.

trusted by some of the most RESPECTED and high-risk INDUSTRY companies!

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