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Businesses today are demanding evolved safety solutions that meet their precise operational and regulatory needs. Recent and off-the-shelf safety strategies are falling well short of expectations, so iCARE Safety, are doing something about it!

THE RIGHT approach...

Decades of both corporate and operational industry experience has revealed, what truly works for safety within business. Systems must communicate in a way and a language that people actually understand. Organisational cultures must connect people with safety’s purpose, and performance strategies need to consistently deliver measurable improvement.


We focus on creating highly efficient Safety Management Systems that are intuitive and communicate the way they should. Above all, our systems are fit-for-purpose and consistently exceed business and regulatory expectations.


Organisational culture is the underlying ‘current’ that determines safety performance. iCARE Culture connects people to safety and its designed intent. It embeds an identity for safety, and takes people on a personal safety journey.


Measuring the performance of safety requires precision and a thorough understanding of function. Our approach involves asking the right questions that lead to informed decisions and improvement strategies that make a difference.


iCARE Safety Group are not your typical safety solutions partner. We’re a team of innovative professionals connected to a profound commitment to evolving safety for people and businesses.

Our goal is protecting people from harm and shielding businesses from today’s uncompromising regulatory demands, and we take these responsibilities, seriously. Thriving on complex challenges, because it’s courage and innovation that fuels success and makes a difference.

Off-the-shelf solutions have no place here and we’re not content with the ordinary. Safety is as unique as the people and businesses it safeguards, so, we’re evolving and redefining safety for today’s ever-shifting social, business and regulatory landscape.


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